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Integrated pest management is what green pest control is all about and not about ineffective pest control. In integrated pest management, controlling pests are not only about getting rid and killing the pests but it is also about the awareness and the education of the client, the prevention and the regular building inspections that are factors in controlling pests.

Green pest control or integrated pest management starts with the basic information and awareness taught to the client on how and why the building or home has become a host for pests. People who are offering the services of green pest control are professionals and know a lot about the behaviour, life cycle and the nesting locations of pests. Traditional pest control services uses hazardous chemicals that does the job of controlling pests but it is also worth mentioning that these techniques and chemicals that are being used harms other creatures, and that is what makes green pest control really different because they focus on innovating pest control techniques to make less and less hazardous chemicals to other creatures while still doing the job of controlling pests.

As what have been stated earlier, integrated pest management believes that a factor in controlling pests is prevention, green pest control also stays true to that by extending their services in making sure that pests do not come back for good by installing preventive devices like new door and window screens, new door sweeps, fresh caulking, etc. Green pest control professionals also do learning while doing their job because they may sometimes put up traps in order to learn more about the areas where pests could be living or as a substitute to hazardous repellents used by traditional pest controls, they will use solar powered repellents.
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Green pest control or integrated pest management really focuses on being green but still being competent enough to do the job of controlling pests and that is why they use natural or organic products to meet both their goals. Green pest control or integrated pest management’s product are biodegradable and have no harmful effects towards nature and promote plant life but is still very effective in controlling pests, similar to the traditional pest control chemicals.
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If you are looking for a green pest control company, then it is a good idea to look for the company that matches your needs. Basically, green pest control companies have to know what kind of problem you are facing, like the type of pest, the size of the infestation and the environment on which the said pest is living. With the approach that green pest control companies are offering, clients are guaranteed that the job of controlling pests will not be compromised while still promoting the health and the welfare of the environment is also being taken into consideration.