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Reasons To Invest In The Tourism Sector.

Tourism industry has tremendous impact on the economy of a given region. Like any other sector of the government, tourism industry serves as an economic and socio-cultural development equipment.

Economically, tourism creates investment opportunities to the local community. In order for the tourist to make the decision to visit a particular place, their accommodation is one of the aspects that they take into consideration, and this means that the hotels should be available in the regions to be visited. Therefore, the growth of tourism industry will result in the growth in hotel industries that will be needed in order to be able to host the tourist.

Existence of hotel creates employment opportunities to the locals as there will be jobs in the hotels. Tourism is a origin of income for the government through foreign exchange and taxation of the tourism industry.
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The income generated from the tourism sector can, in turn, be used in development of some sectors such as infrastructure. Foreign tourists uses flights as their primary means of transport, and this means growth in the air transport sector while the local tourists mainly uses road as their means of transport creating the need for improvement of the road networks and conditions. Growth in tourism, therefore, leads to growth of the transports industry.
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The host region also finds an opportunity to sell its products and services to the tourist, therefore, leading to increased demands and opening of new markets.

Tourism also plays a significant role in the social development of a society Social interaction is achieved through tourism as it brings people of different origins together Social interaction leads to exchange of ideas and enhancement of peaceful co-existence between different countries and strengthening ties.

Having a better understanding of each other will, in turn, lead to good relationships and peace. Tourist can acquire the cultural values of the host community in exchange with their cultures practices. It results to societal progress as tourists can learn how to respect and tolerate the cultural practices of the host community.

Environmental conservation and wildlife preservation is vital in developing countries as they form their major sources of tourist attractions.

Absence of the natural resources will mean that there will be no more tourist and therefore they should be preserved. Cultural heritage is attained through explanation of the history and art of the community to the tourists. In cases where the communities rely on their cultural artworks such as dances and songs, there is need to preserve the arts.

In essence, it is true to say that tourism has significant impact majorly on the economy of the country and also the socio-cultural understanding. To attract the tourists, a good environment should be created for the tourist that can make them feel at peace.